Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

September 25, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page

These are all very small Snails, they have pooped all over the box. I think this is what helps to make soil, snail poop. Jordan Age 6 Stoke

These are the Baby snails I collected they are having a race. Jordan Age 6 Stoke

This is a picture of a Sunset I took on Monday night. Jordan, Age 6 Stoke

This is my Sunflower it has 3 heads. I am very proud of it. I have got to measure it yet so i will tell you how tall it grew. Jordan Age 6 Stoke

But this is how tall it looks taken from Karen`s front window. Jordan Age 6 Stoke

The Female Reindeer that I was most concerned about returning came running out of one of the shelters when I went to feed them this morning. As I had not seen her for all of yesterday I was beginning to think the worse. She looked none the worse for her day away.

We have not seen anything today of the other more timid Female but after the other one returning I am not over concerned. The one thing that does concern me a bit is that they may get caught up in brambles or a dense hedgerow. Because of encouraging wildlife we do leave a number of dense foliage areas that will have a lot of bramble and we do have a lot of old hedgerows at Denbury. When we caught sight of her yesterday we tried to push her into the direction of the Reindeer Field but she got on her toes and disappeared. I wont be trying that again unless there are more people to help. We will look for her again in the morning.

We have got our local radio station to put out that we have a Reindeer missing. All calls are being directed to them as we have only told of the location, not our Farm, or we will have be inundated with unwanted visitors. We have also needed to let all of the Farmers in our area know or she could well be on someones dinner plate. With the large orange collar around her neck I wouldn’t be best pleased if she was shot.