Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

October 5, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page

Red Admiral Butterfly taken in my garden. Vicky.

Deer at Chatsworth House in derbyshire. Vicky.

Waterfall at chatsworth House in derbyshire. Vicky.

Chatsworth House in derbyshire. Vicky.

Do you all remember Jet the little black bundle we brought home about 6 months ago for daves mum well this is him now. Sue.

It is not good new with the Female Reindeer. When we checked on the maggot infestation last night the damaged area was clean and dry and looked to be healing well. We thought that if we were able to stop the scouring there was a chance that she would survive. This morning we went out to buy some Kaolin that we have used to stop Lambs scouring. To get 50ml down her we must have wasted 150ml as she would not swallow. We then checked the area of the infestation and more maggot were there. A good hour we spent treating her to rid the maggots. We couldn’t see any when we had finished. We will check her this evening and late tonight to make sure that they have all gone. We have given her antibiotics and can only hope that it will heal. She is eating and drinking. She is eating the leaves of Willow and Ivy when they are stripped off of the branches.

Boots, Superdrug and Moirrisons did not stock Kaolin, Asda were the only Store that we were able to get it from at 72p. All of the others offered alternatives at four times and more of the cost. Not knowing what the alternatives consisted of we would not have tried it. How these stores are ripping people off not offering the low priced Kaolin.