Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

October 8, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

This is for Elsie!
A stormy sea off Redcar on the North East coast of England looking towards Greythorpe power station at Hartlepool,Co Durham. Lindsay.

Greylag Geese with Green Plover or Lapwing at Nosterfield Nature Reserve,North Yorkshire.Lindsay.

Picture of Longleat House in Wiltshire, go there quite often as it is quite local for us.

We are delighted that after an absense of four years a Hedgehog has returned to the area and is lodging in our nesting box. Rose W’canton.

Jet, do you all remember the little black bundle we brought home about 6 months ago for daves mum well this is him now. Sue.

The Female Reindeer with the maggot infestation damage to her mouth died last night. We were surprised as she looked as if she was getting a little better, but she was still scouring quite badly and I should think that it was that they made her die. She was eating and drinking well yesterday afternoon and was very alert. When she was checked at again she looked fine. Just before 10.30pm she was looked at again. She was barley able to lift her head. I went immediately to the stable but in the couple of minutes she had just died. It could have been something that she had eaten whilst she was missing. I am concerned that she may have been given something to eat by the people that did not tell us that she was in and out of their garden. The Veterinary has sent a sample of the Reindeer dropping to a Laboratory for testing. We will see what the results tomorrow.

The Reindeer escaping was of course my fault, although I did ask the people who sold us them to look at the field to tell us if it was secure to keep Reindeer in. If we had been told anything other than it was secure we would not have let them into the Field. Two of the Female Reindeer have never attempted to get out of the Field but the other two were escaping every day. We put the Reindeer who was keeping the injured one company back into the Reindeer Field straight after the death.

There was some good news with the Reindeer today. Padfoot has served one of the Females today. We were working in the Reindeer Field making sure that it was secure and we have seen him cover her many times. We have noted the date. The gestation period is 210 to 220 days so as long as the mating was successful we may have a Calf in the middle of next April. Another of the Females may have been served last week but I an not 100% sure.