Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

May 29, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo page, all sent in by Liz. North Yorkshire. There will be five from Elaine tomorrow.

The Goldfinch was taken on the feeder in the front garden.

The blackbird is one of an army of birds that come for their daily servings of sultanas.

Greenfinch on the feeder.

The remaining 2 shots are of the back garden, the plant on its own is a Dicentra spectablis (Bleeding Heart). I have planted a few fruit trees and bushes, but so far have not had any fruit from any as the birds always get there first!!! Oh well that’s life as they say lol Liz North Yorkshire.

As you may have noticed the Gosling disappeared last night. I spoke to soon in last nights Diary. They disappeared in such a small space of time I find it hard to believe that two of then went at the same time. I had fed them just before I had fed the Badgers and returned to the Lake at about 9.25 pm with a new battery for the electric fencer. The Battery had very little life in it so I would use the battery from our lawn mower. At about 10.20pm I went to change the battery over. I checked the Lake webcam, the Goose and Goslings were making their way to the fenced area but turned away. I went to the lawn mower to remove the battery that is on the way to the Lake. Whilst moving the Battery I heard the Goose start to call, it was no longer than 10 minutes after I had seen the three on the webcam probably less. When I got to the Lake a minute or so later the Goslings had gone.

Later I checked the recording device that I had put on to record the Badger Cubs if they had shown their selves. All camera record at once, so I was able to look back at the two lake cameras. The last that I saw of the Goslings was as they were making their way to the right hand side of the Lake, away from the fenced area. It was strange that the two disappeared. If they had got taken or were frightened and fell into the stream and got wash away I really don’t know. There are no sign around the Lake of any remains of the Goslings. I had hoped with the way that the Goslings were growing that this year we may have seen them fly off of the Lake. We tried all we could to keep them alive this year, but it has been a disaster for the Geese. Only the Goose has survived, all five Goslings gone and the Gander. I will stop any Geese from breding in future years. I should have this year. The Goose will stay on the Lake for a day or so and will fly off.