Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

October 24, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Its always nice to see sheep, happily grazing. Karen Stoke.

This sheep just stood watching me as I crept along the hedgerow, we stood there ages just staring at each other. They have the most delightful faces. Karen Stoke.

This is the silhouette of a robin, it was singing away we were looking for it for a while before we found it in the barn. Karen Stoke.

Crows, in the Next field to Chester, they are there every week but I managed to snap them on Saturday. Karen Stoke.

More of those beautiful Autumn, Colors. Karen Stoke.

As some of you have noticed, Padfoot is keeping busy and hopefully he is doing his job, we will only know how well if we get any Reindeer Calves. Although Padfoot is eating well and seems lively he has been scouring. We have given him antibiotics, multivitamin and he has been wormed so we hope that the scouring will stop. We went to Cricket St Thomas this afternoon to get a bag of the feed that he was fed on whilst there. It could be the change of feed that has caused the scouring. Another reason could be that there is a lot of good grass feed still in the field. Padfoot when at Cricket St Thomas was in a lot smaller enclosure to what he has at Denbury, so there was little grass for him to feed on. We give the Reindeer barley straw to eat, but when there is grass available they rarely eat it. In the wild Reindeer diet consist of a lot of lichen, mosses and grasses when they can find them. They are also partial to Willow, Hazel and Ivy leaves, I don’t know if they can find them in the wild but they eat them from the hedges around their field. We also cut branches off of the Willow Trees around the Farm, you have probably seen the large Willow branches that we put in the field.

We are clearing around the Lake and Pond so that they can be seen as you drive down our driveway that runs along the side of them. In the area are a few Willow Trees, one of them had grown very large in a very short period of time, so much so that a parts were leaning over. We have cut that down over the past few days and fed part of that to the Reindeer. With the Willow gone it has opened the Lake and Pond area up and there is now a good view from the camera that we put up to watch the Geese on the Island. I will show it on the webcam one day next week.

On my way to Cricket St Thomas today I needed to fill our car with diesel. With the publicity that Tesco had reduced their petrol cost I thought that I would wait until I got to the Tesco petrol station in Chard that is near Cricket, to fill the car. I passed a quite a few petrol stations on the way, all of them had petrol priced at 98p and as low as 95p even a couple of independent stations. When I got to Tesco in Chard their price for petrol was 101.99p. They did have their 5p discount if you spent