Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

October 28, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page sent in by Margaret of her stay at Denbury.

Me with Thornton.

Me feeling quite scared as can be seen from my face.



Dunster Castle.

Karen has asked to see a photograph of our Antique Gates that we are putting up at the entrance of our Driveway. The Gate Posts and railings are in place. As we are having the gates electrically operated they will need to have a couple of brackets welded on to the gates so that we can fit the mechanism. That is going to be done this Saturday. Whilst that welding is being done we are going to have the hinges welded so that it will be difficult to remove the gates. They would be worth a few pence in scrap value as they are so heavy. I would not like to lose them so they will not be hung on the Posts until then. When I say heavy, believe me they really are. Even my Lads and myself struggle to lift them, They would still be difficult to lift with four men. When they are hung I will put a photograph on the Photo Page.

The Pennywell Farm Reindeer surprisenly have not been that friendly since they have been here. I thought that as they were in an open Farm they would be very easy to get on with. On the contrary until today neither had come very close to us. This afternoon we managed to get one of then to come close to feed from a feed scoop, the other female is very wary. Other than Padfoot she chases all of the other Reindeer away from the feed troughs, not allowing any of the other Reindeer to have any feed until she has finished. That would be alright if she left any, she just keeps eating until the food is all gone.

Our Reindeer were from a Herd where they would not have got any individual attention, so we really are surprised and pleased just how friendly they are. Even Padfoot who we were told was a threat in the Rutting Season has been exceptionally good. We were told to be very careful not to go into the field with him. To make sure that all the Reindeer get the food that we put in the troughs I go in the field with Padfoot very close by and he has not shown any aggression at all. A few weeks back he did half heartedly attack a front wheel of the quad bike, so I always keep an eye on him just in case, for his antlers would do me a fair bit of damage.