Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

November 13, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

This reminded me of when I saw Karen’s fireworks photos and thought there was a similarity. Julia.

4 Photographs dated 8/11/08 Charmouth Beach in Dorset . Rose W’canton.

The reason that it was important to acquire the major part of Ash Wood is that it borders onto Denbury. Over the past few years we have had problems with neighbours shooting in the Wood without Somerset County Council the owner permission. Some of those shooting in the Wood have been shooting on the boundaries of Denbury that has been causing disturbances to our Horses and ourselves. The Woods have two bridle paths passing through it and on a number of occasion’s the unexpected shooting has caused the Horses to panic, only the riders good riding ability has stopped there from being serious accidents. From one Bridle path to the other is a short distance that can easily be reached by the shot of as shotgun, so you can imagine both Horse Riders and Pedestrians using the Bridle Paths were in danger of being shot by stray shotgun cartridges or rifle bullets.

There was also indiscriminate shooting of Wildlife. Only last year I heard shooting and went to investigate. The shooting was being aimed at a Rookery. The persons eyesight wasn’t that good, for out of a tree fell a Blackbird. I had two option to try to stop what was going on in the Woods. One was to forcibly remove them or get the Police involved. I decided the Police in the hope that some people Gun Licences would be revoked. Unfortunately as much as the Police understood and fully agreed as did the Police Firearm licencing Department there had to be a number of different witnesses to the incidents. The relevant areas are now covered to catch any person shooting and now all of the Wood will be covered. One person was told in no uncertain terms that we acquired the Wood and that under no circumstances are they to trespass off of the bridle paths and never to carry guns in the Wood or to shoot into the Wood.

We will try to get help from different bodies to help with making the Wood a safe haven for Wildlife, to help with different work that will need doing. Another option is to syndicate the Woods for Wildlife enthusiast, giving them the opportunity to part own a Wildlife Haven and also help in its upkeep.