Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

November 27, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

A few more of my cousins photos. One for Jordan. Lovely owl family and snow in her garden a few years ago. sue.

Also sending in a pic of the narrow boat I used to be the proud owner of – taken in a snowstorm -moored up near Northampton on the Grand Union Canal. Jill xxx

One of 4 photographs of the Reindeer taken by Vicky whilst on Holiday. I am going to use one of them on my website.

They were our antique gate that were on the webcam, earlier today. I didn’t realise that it was live I thought that it was on our private view. The gates are all that we expected of them and more. Finally after 15 years our driveway is private. There are a couple of ways to open them. We are able to use a remote button that when pushed from our vehicles opens automatically or the is a keypad option from either side of the gates. We are able to give people who use the keypads their own numbers. The gates open very quickly, a lot quicker than we expected. We have also installed wires under the driveway that when a vehicle crosses the wires the gates will open automatically to exit the Farm. We have not had time to completely finish that option yet. We have also got to paint the gates and posts, they will then look very good.

In last night Diary I mentioned the lack of seeing any Deer in the Valley. I believe that now it could be because the Sheep are using the Valley of a night time. We have had a Ram running with the Sheep for the past weeks, so we hope to have a few Lambs in the Spring. We will over next week house the Sheep in the barn for the Winter. The Ram went back to its owners today. He was very easy to catch. Unlike the Pennywell Reindeer that also went home this afternoon. The horse box that was seen on the webcam was Pennywell coming for them. What a performance that was. I will tell you about it tomorrow.