Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

November 30, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

A few photos of places in Nottingham city.

The Oldest Pub In England. Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem 1189AD.

Another view of Ye olde Trip Pub. It’s cellars are built into the sandstone cliffs at the back.

The rather ‘Chunky’ Robin Hood statue that Julia commented about.

Nottingham Castle entrance.

Sandstone caves. from Judy

As there was little to write about I was not going to do a Diary entry tonight. Then at about 4.50pm just before I was to go to feed the Badgers there was a light knock at the Farm House door. On opening the door in ran a panicking rat type dog with a large man in a position to follow it. Tass thought it was great and but for me shouting at her the rat type dog could well have been shaken as Dogs do when they catch rats, leaving it dead. This part was finished as quickly as it started with the dog running towards the man who was able to scoop it up before Tass had.

I screamed as loud as I could at the man what the **** do you think you are doing. Your Sheep have ran up the drive he replied and I am knocking to let you know. I knew that it was not the Sheep that had run up the drive, I knew that they were in the Field, it could only have been Thornton who had been laying in the Farm House Porch only a short time before. He had obviously been chased by the rat type dog who had not been on a lead on the footpath that goes through the Farm. The man had put the rat type dog on the ground, to I can only assume to belatedly put a lead on the dog, unfortunately he got loose and also ran down the drive with the man in hot pursuit being followed by my ranting and raving about the dog not being on a lead, and that if I had got to my gun before he had put a lead on the dog I would shoot it for Sheep worrying. That would have been a bit difficult as I don’t own a gun. The speed that the man was chasing after the dog he may well have believed it.

After I had fed the Badgers I came in to do the Photo Page. After 10 minutes or so I realised that I had not seen Thornton and that I needed to make sure that he was alright. I looked all around the places where Thornton would hang out and found no sign of him. I checked the stream to make sure that he had not been chased into it. I had run out of all of the places where he may have gone, but there was still no sign of him. I could only think that Thornton had been in front of the man and the rat type dog and had kept on running believing he was being chased either in the direction of the footpath or down the Drive. What ever I needed to go down the Drive. As the new electric gates would have stopped Thornton from getting out of the Farm, if he wasn’t there I would need to go to the end of the footpath that went through Fields, that were getting on for a mile away.

I passed through the electric gates at the end of the Drive that close automatically unless the remote control is pushed on exiting. I fumbled in the dark for the remote that I had put back into its place to close the gates in case Thornton was following behind me, when suddenly his head appeared behind the closed gate in our Field opposite the end of our drive. As I got out of the car Thornton started to call out to me, being behind the closed gate was making him panic so I needed to hold him in case he decided to run. There was only one action I could take and that was to put him in the back of the car to get him back down the Drive to the farm where he knows. I haven’t looked to see what state the back of the car is in. If I hadn’t fumbled for the electric gate remote control I would not have seen Thornton. I would never had guessed that he would have been in that Field behind a closed gate. The man or someone must have put him there. If I had not found him, even if he knew the Drive led to the Farm, he could not have got through the gate and he may well have wandered off along the lanes to be lost or run over.

At both ends of the footpath that passes through Denbury, signs are displayed telling that dogs should be on leads and under control. Idiots who ignore these notices cause injuries to Farm and Wild Animals. We had two of our Sheep killed by a dog a couple of years back. Unfortunately people and their dogs are rarely caught. Farmer do have a right to shoot dogs that worry animals.