Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

January 19, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

2 photos of a sunset in the Summer. They were unbelievable. Possibly made so colourful by the moor fires we had had all day. All you could smell and see was the smoke. Merrilyn.

Next doors cat ‘Pusscat’. Merrilyn.

Some sort of bee ? on a daisy. Merrilyn.

This is from my friend in Marseille – it has never snowed this much in her lifetime – I think it’s a record fall for the South of France!!
Janie (Leeds)

It may be wishful thinking, but I am sure that the shape of the Reindeer is changing. All three have got fatter where I would expect them to if they were in Calf. As I say it could be wishful thinking for although I had seen Padfoot cover all of the Female Reindeer I don’t know if he was fertile with the illness that he eventually died of. I also did not see any of the Females return to Padfoot after he had covered them the first time. I put the dates that I had seen Padfoot mate with the Females on a calender in the Kitchen and without think I threw the calender away when I changed it for a 2009 calender. I believe that I mentioned two of the matings in the Diary some time in October, I will try to find time to go back and check.

The rat trap was set off when I checked it as I went to put the Badger feed down. It was empty, I never have caught any in a trap. I don’t think that I have any alternative but to try to poison the rats now. There are to many for me not to. I spoke to both the rat poison suppliers and a Veterinary to make sure that there was no chance of killing the Badgers if they eat any poisoned rats. The Badger would need to eat at least 10% of their body weight of the poison granules before it would have any effect on them, meaning that they would need to eat an awful lot of the poisoned rats to cause them to die. With the Badgers they may well dig them up if they smell the dead rats. I have only ever seen to two poisoned rats, most of them die where they live and all of those on the webcams live under ground, so the chances of any Owls taking a poisoned rat is unlikely. Our other concerns about putting poison down id for the Birds. We have an old wire Magpie trap to which we put a box in with the ends cut out. We also cover the box with grass. This stops any birds from getting to the poison.