Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

January 28, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

A little bit of history… Rob Roy’s grave, Scotland. Janice Leeds.

Whats on the shore line? Graham.~(Our website man) When he was Scotland last week.
The majority of them are Knot. A wading bird. Peter. SWT.

Red Squirrel on Brownsea Island. Merrilyn.

Harley Davidson Poodle and own mode of transport. Merrilyn.

We bated for rats the lower Badger feeding area two nights ago. It normally take a few days for the rats to take the bate. On checking it this evening all of the poison had gone and a large amount of the plastic container that the poison was in. There seems fewer rats in that area tonight. Some of the rats from the main Badger feeding will take the bate from where it is now as it is only 15m away. Within a couple of days we will bate the main area.

The Griffon Vulture webcam was a disaster last year. Simon the person who contacted us and set the location up had not made sure that every thing that was needed was in place or possible, and guess what, it wasn’t. we eventually got most of the equipment that we sent Simon returned to us, with the wireless equipment and camera that was on the Mountain still outstanding as the weather was to bad to climb to get it. As we may need a wireless connection for another webcam I asked Simon for the outstanding equipment to be returned. He told me that part of the mountain above the nesting site that the equipment was located on had fallen onto the equipment and it had gone. I wouldn’t have minded but he added that he had told me that the location was unstable and that could have been the outcome. I would never tell any person to risk loosing very expensive broadcasting equipment.

We are sending a new camera to Peter at Indian River Bay, Delaware this week for the Osprey webcam. It is a Pan Tilt and Zoom camera that Peter will put on the roof of his house that is at the most 200m from the nest. The new camera will be able to show the nest very close. The Osprey will be returning to both the Lock and Indian River Bay during February.