Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

June 7, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo page from Vicky. There will be five from Lynne tomorrow.

Sheep eating the fresh cut grass at Denbury. Vicky.

Deer in the valley at Denbury. Vicky.

Ewy and the Lambs when she came down to outside the Denbury. Vicky.

Head of the Peacock at Denbury. Vicky.

Ewy and the Lambs when she came down to outside the cottages at Denbury. Vicky.

I should think that anyone who has seen the Goslings on the Lake must as been as, well I really don’t know what words to use, shocked, surprised, flabbergasted I really cant believe it, there has got to be some other explanation. Going by the size I can see on the webcam they look the same Goslings that went missing, and for sure the nearest Lake to the Farm is well over a mile away.

This morning one of our Holiday guest told us that the Goose had returned. I went to feed her this afternoon at about There was no sign of any other Geese or Goslings on the Lake. After I had returned to the Farm House there was an almighty commotion as a Goose attempted to land in the Farm Yard, it was being chased away by a number of Doves. It is starting to sound bizarre to me, and I am here. Thinking that it was the Goose and she was flying towards the Lake I turned the Lake webcam on to watch her landing. I left my private view of the Lake on, and pair of Geese came into view, and then two Goslings came into view, I then put the webcams on and on the near Lake webcam I saw another Gosling. I returned to the Lake. When I saw the Goslings close up it was obvious by the slightly smaller size than those that went missing.

Where this new family has come from I have no idea, other than it is the other pair of Geese that were coming and going as the first pair were incubating their eggs. They must have nested very close by. What ever it would not have been very far away, maybe in the small pond next to the large Lake, and they had stayed well hidden, but surly we would have seen them. There were a number of our Holiday Guest fishing the Lake last week, they didn’t say they had seen any Geese. The only other place that they may have nested is in our fields across the lane, at the end of our drive. The Stream passes in those fields, the grass is very high in the first one, they could have stayed well hidden there.

We only removed the electric fencing two days ago. We will put it back up and take other measures to try to protect them and do all we can to try to keep them from being taken as the last family were, but I don’t think that they will survive, what ever we do.

A pair of Tufted Duck have also come on to the lake. They have been here for three days. One of the Moorhens doesn’t seem best pleased to have them as company. I hope he doesn’t frighten them away.