Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

February 7, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Picture of the lovely bread basket we used to get at breakfast on our holiday in Dubai. The birds used to come down to pinch some before you had even left the table. Cant say I blame them. Janet South Yorks.

Some of the birds we used to see. Cute little babies in the background. Janet South Yorks.

Next door neighbours cat seems to think I clear tubs out to make a new bed for him. Janet South Yorks.

Visitor who used to come and visit last summer. Janet South Yorks.

You don’t leave your seat for long otherwise you loose it. Wouldn’t mind but it isnt even my cat. Janet South Yorks.

As you can see on the webcams we had a lot of snow at Denbury over the past few days. If I had the time I would really enjoy it, but when I have to work in it I cant stand it. More so when we had a fourteen hour power cut with it that caused us to have no water at hand for the animals. That is the only down fall of us having our own water supply. As we pump our water from 50m underground we need electricity to work the pump. Fortunately we have the Leet Spring as a last resort, but that entails fetching the water a lot further that the tap.

We were more fortunate than the many hundred or thousands who also had power cuts in our region. Our oil fired Aga gave us the means to cook and have hot water for drinks as Julia found out. We also have a wood burner for heating, and we were also able to watch television powered by a small petrol generator, so we could have suffered the loss of electricity for longer than most.

Our Drive and the Lanes gave us the biggest problem with the ice. If the snow and ice had not have partially thawed through the day we would have stood no chance of leaving the Farm in our cars. As it was we could not get up our Drive yesterday until late afternoon as the wheels of our cars spun on the ice, and it was the same today.

The heavy snow settled on the trees, especially those with a lot of Ivy on them, It is liable to cause them to come crashing down by the great weight of the snow. More snow will settle on the trees that have Ivy growing on them. Without Ivy the snow will only settle a little on the branches. There are many so called wildlife and forestry experts who say that you should allow Ivy to grow on trees. I completely disagree. The weight of Ivy that grows very big at the top of a tree and the water that that it holds make trees with Ivy more prone to fall down. With the added weight of snow it makes the chance even bigger. Nearly all of the trees that have fallen at Denbury are caused because of Ivy. One tree has fallen in to the Valley Field because of the snow and Ivy. I haven’t had the chance to look in the wood, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the trees with Ivy have fallen.