Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

February 16, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Snowdrops At Denbury. Julia.

Thornton with his Ear Tag. Julia.

The Sun over the Lake. Julia.

The Island on the lake; Julia.

Everyday sight – Arnie and Peacock. Julia.

The Geese were on the Lake this Morning. They went on to the Island, the Goose looking as if she was placing a few twigs and grass, maybe the beginning of a nest.

One of the Reindeer has shed one of her Antlers. She must had done so when she got out of the Reindeer Field. Unfortunately when I walked around the Field to try to find it I could not see it. I had hoped to have mounted the three sets of the Females Antler to hang in the Holiday Cottages. It is one of the Reindeer that doesn’t normally get out.

It didn’t take one of the Squirrels long to get onto the tray of the new feeding site. I washed down the Squirrel Guard as I thought that the Squirrel may be getting a little grip on some mud that had got on the guard. I also put some oil on it to make it slippery, but one of the Squirrels still managed to get on to the tray.

The Fox in the Valley last night had caught a Rabbit for his supper.