Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

February 19, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Some snowy photos from my failed efforts trying to get to work on the 2nd of February … a deserted bus station with marooned buses going nowhere, pretty trees in the forest, children playing, and a snowman!….Jill (Epping)

The way that the Little Egret has been acting today I would not be surprised if it was not ill. Although it was close to the side of the Lake it was not in a position to catch any Fish. It flew away for a short while, retuning to position itself in a worse place than before. It could be that it has not caught any food and is a little weak. Last week I found the remains of a small Fish that it had been eating before something had frightened it off. I always believed that Herons and Egrets swallowed their catch whole, so I was surprised to see a partly eaten Fish. On speaking to Barry at Rye Harbour he tells me that Little Egret will also eat little Scrimps and Insects, so maybe he is catching that type of feed when not on the edge of the Lake. Unlike the Herons Little Egret will only catch small Fish so it will not be a threat to the bigger Fish, so we will not discourage it from Denbury.

I hope that I have not turned the Geese off of nesting on the Island when I cut back the grass. They have not been near or by since the weekend when I got onto the Island. I did hear some Geese flying above the Farm earlier in the week and had expected to see them on the Lake when I went there, if they were our Geese they didn’t land.

Spring is on its way, our Primrose came out in bloom at Denbury today. Spring is on its way.