Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

February 23, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

I am out of wildlife/nature shots, but here are a bunch of pictures of our cats. The calico with the black nose is Gatto, the calico with the pink nose is Chat, and the black cat is, well, Blackie. The tuxedo cat was our beloved Figaro, who passed on 2 years ago, but he was such a ham for the camera. Penny Chicago Chicago Chicago.

My 25 year old Tortie called Jenny. Merrilyn.

15 year old Sonic. Merrilyn.

For the webcam viewers that have not seen the Badger Cubs as Pam, You wont see them until May to June depending on the weather. One year they showed themselves at the end of April. Last night performance was last years Cubs with a couple of Adults. There was also an Adult collecting grass to take back to the Sett for bedding.

As Jill I am surprised that not more than one pair of Geese nest on the Lake. Every year more than one pair attempt, but the dominant pair always chase all the others away. Some years we have had a pair of Swans attempt to settle, but the Geese even manage to chase them away. Swans would manage to protect their Signets better that the Geese with their Gosling. Swans will attack threats not like the Geese who make a lot of noise when fleeing.

My School had a very big Lake that Swans nested on. The Swans would use the School playing fields that led down to the Lake to eat the grass and rest out on. One year I tried to be cleaver and get as close as I could to the Swan and their Signets. They all started to get back into the Lake. I continued to be cleaver, or so I thought until one of the Adult Swans turned on me. I turned to run but the Swan caught up to me. The pecks didn’t hurt, but the flapping wings around my backside was a pain I have never forgotten.

We received an email and photograph from one Kyes Brothers Owners yesterday. Whispers owners have asked if we hear from any other of Kyes Brothers and Sister. We don’t other than Darcy, so if any other owners read this, let us know how they are getting on. Whisper is having a great life. Having walks on a beach in Cornwall most days. As Kye and Darcy he loves mud.