Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

February 26, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

The lake at Hodsock very frozen still Bee hive at Hodsock A tree which grows on its side but the branches grow straight up More Cyclamen and a fallen tree all at Hodsock. Sue.

Fungi on a tree over the lake. Sue.

This morning I went to tidy up the wiring on the entrance gates to the Farm, in preparation for painting. When I reached the gate our neighbour who’s Sheep we are showing on the webcams was at the gates stopping some of his Sheep that he was moving to another field from going under a fence into another of our neighbours garden. He was having problems in getting the Lambs to cross the flooded road at the entrance of our Farm. Although his helpers was trying to push the Lambs on to cross the water to reach the Ewes that were in front of our gates, they were getting no where fast. I took over from our neighbour to keep the Ewes from getting through the fence and going back to their Lambs whilst he went back to push the Lambs on. As much as they tried the Lambs really had no intention of getting their feet wet. They were going every where other than the way they should have been, many going into one of my Field on the other side of the Road. That didn’t help as the Ewes who had been parted from their Lambs were trying to find them. It must have taken a good hour to move the large flock less than twenty metres over the flood. Getting them to their new pasture over half a mile away along the lanes took less that fifteen minutes.

Our neighbour wasn’t aware that had he waited another day the cause of the flood would have been unblocked. The Stream that passes through Denbury cross under the road close to the Farm entrance. With the recent heavy rain and snow the stream had flooded and carried with it a lot of river bedding sand, stone and mud that had blocked the small tunnel under the road, causing the water to divert across the road. There was so much water that it has been quite large flood that caused a lot of drivers to not attempt to take their cars through it.