Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

March 4, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

We get some fabulous sunsets here.This was taken last week from our garden.Lindsay.

Winter Aconites in my garden.Lindsay.

Snowdrops in my garden.Lindsay.

This Moorhen looks quite at home!I hope it brings a friend.Lindsay.

This is the Moorhen that has found my new pond.Quite a surprise for this garden.It is approximately 3 feet from my conservatory windows.Lindsay.

For about six weeks Gypsy has been unwell. Most of the time she was alright, but some mornings we would go to feed the Horses and she would be laid out flat on the floor. Some times she would get up when she saw that her feed was on its way. On other occasions we would need to get her up. Once she was up she was fine, eating, drinking and moving as we would expect. The problem we had was that it was intermittent. The Veterinary looked at her when it first started and blood test showed nothing was wrong, so there really wasn’t any thing we could treat her for.

For the past two week Gypsy was getting worse. She was laying stretched out flat more often. At other times she was fine. She was also drinking and urinating more than normal. I started to have suspicion that it was a liver problem. If it were an infection it would be constant. It wasn’t, that indicated that there was probably liver damage.

With animals you really do agonise about what to do when they are ill. They are unable to tell you of pain. You need to watch if their routine alters, and see if their actions show if they are experiencing any pain. You must never consider their welfare against their value. At times you need to take action that you know is right. It is easy to allow a Veterinary to treat sick animals, but again are you allowing it for the animal benefit or your own. For it is easy to believe that prolonging an animals life is benefiting the animal, when it is making you feel good. I should think some of you have had that experience.

This morning when wee went to feed Gypsy was down again. We needed to make her get up. That was not easy for her and took three attempts. When she was up she was not interested in her food, just picking at it and taking small sips of water. I had to make a decision on if I get the Veterinary in or have her put to sleep. It wasn’t a hard decision. I knew that her illness was causing he pain and I was convinced that she had liver damage. I also knew that no Veterinary attention was going to make her well. All it would do was to cause Gypsy to suffer for longer. Gypsy was put to sleep this morning.

I asked for a report on Gypsy’s liver. That was normal, but one of her kidney was severely damaged. The cause being by a kick from Willow. In the Winter we keep youngsters stabled together in large gated areas in our main barn. Willow gets very excited at feed times, kicking her legs out and bucking. There is no malice in it, just sheer excitement. She must have accidentally kicked Gypsy.