Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

March 31, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Mother day flowers 09. Lucky me.
Few summer friends from our garden. Pam.

Amaryliss when in full flower. Jill xx.

part of my collection of lace ribbon plates. Jill xx.

When I went to give the Reindeer their morning feed one was missing. I found her in their shed laying down with what looked like the Head of her Calf in the birth sack starting to show. I didn’t want to rush into helping her Calf as she was not in any stress and and returned to the Farm House for a cup of coffee, to return in half an to see how the Reindeer was getting on. When I returned she was up and outside with no sign of the birth sack. When I went into the shed there was a small birth sack with the embryo still inside. The Reindeer had aborted her Calf. The Calf was well formed with what I would say getting on for four to five weeks before her full term of the pregnancy. It looks very much as if the Helicopter that frightened the Reindeer had caused the abortion. We have to hope that the other Reindeer that was frightened will not abort. Although she doesn’t look great.

Andrew our 6 year old holiday guest met Thornton this morning. Whats that Mister he asked. That Thornton our pet Lamb. I cant believe that Andrew had never seen a Lamb before, but it seems he had not, or a least had forgotten he had. His Mother told us that when he first saw Thornton out of the window he thought that he was a Dog. Thornton sees himself as a Dog so maybe Andrew wasn’t being unreasonable. As far as Thornton was concerned I don’t think that he has enjoyed the experience of meeting Andrew. I made the mistake of telling Andrew that Thornton enjoyed playing with a ball. One of the dogs footballs hit Thornton on the head. Andrew thought that it was a game and chased after him. Thornton did move and hasn’t been near Andrew Cottage all day.