Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

June 16, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo page.

Giant echiums growing in my garden here in Cornwall. My brother has recommended your website and you’ve shown some of his photos, so I thought I’d send in a few pictures to keep up with him. Sue.

Badgers taken whilst holidaying at Denbury. Vicky.

Rufford taken when I went with school. View across the lake, in the distance you can see a bridge which we crossed. Elaine.

Yesterday evening, we had a few birds visiting the feeders and seeds on the patio. I started to take photos of the Coal Tit (I think), when I heard a beautiful sound. Julia.

One of the Gosling were taken last night. I taken bread down to the Lake just after 9.30pm to feed them just after I had fed the Badgers. I was thinking to myself just how big that they were getting and being the size that they were they may just survive. Probably they were the biggest Goslings that we had ever had on the Lake. As I thought the other night they were showing the first signs of feathers coming through. What has taken this one, I again really don’t know. I am sure that if it were a Fox they would have heard it. Although when we went to the Lake yesterday afternoon with Tass and Kye, they picked up the scent of something by the gates that I have put up for their extra protection, but that was outside the area that we have made for the Geese. It could have been an Otter or Mink that took the Gosling on the water. There is nothing more that I can do to try to protect the Geese. Tonight we will walk around the Lake with Tass and Kye in the hope that their scent will deter any threat to the Goslings. What ever took the one last night will try again for another.

I hadn’t said anything about it before, but we have had a remote controlled Goose made. Although Donald was very good, the picture that the camera was sending out wasn’t very good. The Goose being larger has allowed a full size CCTV camera to be installed into the Gooses large body. Believe me it is large, even a little bigger than the Geese on the Lake. We have also been able to put a larger and a much better quality wireless connection into the Goose. Jack and his Friend have been made it and it will be back with me before the end of the week. By all accounts the picture quality is as good as the webcams installed. Donald has has had to be cannibalised to make the Goose. All of the equipment that has been used to make the Goose are bits that I have had hanging about doing nothing for a few years. The Goose would have cost in excess of