Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

April 24, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

There are no more photographs for tomorrows Photo Page.

Never seen a red frog before this one was uncovered this weekend while trying to sort my back garden sue.

The Geese on the lawn.

First venture in to the Stream.

A little more confident.

Odd looking creepy crawly sent in by Elsie.

The Geese were very wary about going into the Stream. They waited by the side with little enthusiasm. Finally I coaxed them in but that didn’t set them alive. I waited for half an hour to make sure that they were OK and went in for a cup of coffee leaving one of our Holiday Guest who volunteered to keep an eye on them. Twenty minutes later the rather concerned Holiday Guest was at the Farm House door trying to explain that she had also gone in doors for a cup of tea and on checking that the Geese were alright had found that they had got out of the Stream and one was missing.

We searched around for ten to fifteen minutes expecting to find one had got over the Sheep netting and was in one of the Fields but it was no where to be seen. It was in my mind that this was the first one that the Fox had got when we heard a honking from the Stream. The missing Goose was tangled in the Sheep netting and was unable to get out of the Stream with the others. She was well and truly tangle up where she had been struggling. Eventually I freed her, but she was a bit weak, very wet and unable to climb the bank so I carried her to the lawn. She soon dried out and looks none the worse for her ordeal. Harriet felt a little guilty for not watching them. I told her it was just unfortunate and that the Geese cant have a baby sitter for the rest of their life.

What seems to have happened was that one of the Ganders had been trying to mate with her, whilst trying to get away she had got caught in the netting. The Geese didn’t go back into the Stream. They are not use to being able to get in to water.

Whilst the Geese were out on the lawn yesterday we tidied up their Stable and found eight eggs. Ali together we have had fourteen eggs from them since we have had them. There are three in the incubator that are fertile so they have been a good purchase.