Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

May 13, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

A footpath called the Devil’s Back-bone named by the shape of the path, linking South hinksey to New Hinsey near Oxford. Clive.

Grandpont nature reserve, this used to be the site of the old Oxford gas-works. Clive.

Railway bridge over the Thames at Osney with “boneys” footbridge in the back ground. Clive.

Narrow boat on the Thames at Osney with the old power station in the back ground. Clive.

Horse Chestnut Tree on the tow-path at Iffley. Clive.

As I was on my way to feed the Badgers last evening one of last years Cubs was walking towards me about 30 yards away. He was probably making his way back to the Sett in time for the food that I put down and would have turned onto the path towards the Sett before we go near to each other. It must have been in a world of its own as he was walking quite slowly. We both got to the path towards the Sett at the same time, and the youngster still had not seen me. Another youngster was also on the path at the turn, so it was a three way meeting with us all being within 4 feet of each other. The Badger on the path knew who I was there and unhurriedly knowing turned towards the Sett. It was then that the first Badger saw me. I have never seen a Badger move so fast. It spun around and was a distant blob in under 2 second.

The second Badger that was on the path is one that waits for me to feed them most evenings. As I climb over the gate it is waiting within a few feet of me and follows me just out of sight of the camera and appears close to the Sett entrance when I put the feed down.

Elsie want to know about Thornton. Thornton is spending some time with the Sheep. After breakfast Thornton goes to the Holiday Cottages on the scrounge. If he can scrounge enough he will hang around, if not he joins the Sheep in the Horse Field. He has a couple of favorites that he is with more than the others. He is fascinated with the Lambs and the Lambs with Thornton. The other evening whilst we were fencing to keep the Sheep in the Horse Field we saw Thornton laying with the Sheep surrounded by the Lambs. Thornton doesn’t want to be a Sheep full time. He can always be found of an evening close to the Field Gate waiting to be called for his dinner. After dinner he settle himself in his sleeping place.