Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

June 3, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

If it had not been for two of our Holiday Guests and Wendy having taken photographs whilst the Sheep were being sheared there would not have been a today Photograph of Thornton before shearing or the shearing in progress as I had lost the photographs that I had taken when I thought I had down loaded them.

Thornton before his hair cut. His long fleece was making him very uncomfortable. Lorraine.

Thornton’s turn, little undignified. Wendy.

Shock and horror. Is it Thornton.

Thornton going off with his mates.

Ewy with her two Lambs after the remainder of her fleece being removed. There wasn’t a lot left to take off.

After going through my previous years diaries I found the phone number of Alex the person who has done our Sheep Shearing in the past. He is very good and competes in shearing contests at County Shows. He came early this morning and with his Sheep dog got our Sheep into the holding pen we had put up. His dog soon rounded the Sheep up in the Horse Field and pushed them into the direction of the pen. The Sheep decided they were not going to go in the pen on the first try. Mind you that was my fault as I had decided to get my camera from the Farm House to get the photographs and there was no one to stop the Sheep from taking the only route to freedom. The second attempt with the help of a couple our Holidays Guests was successful. One of the Ewes made a dash for freedom, as she was loosing her fleece naturally it wasn’t that important that she was sheared. We also managed to get Ewy captured. Most of her fleece had naturally fallen but there was still a bit to come off. Thornton followed into the pen not knowing what was going to happen.

From the pen we had made the Sheep were put into the shearing holding trailer pen that Alex had come with. The Sheep were all cramped in tight so as to make it easier to catch them when it was their turn for shearing. Alex was very fast shearing. It took him less time to shear our eleven Sheep than it had taken to round them up. Thornton didn’t protest like we thought that he may have done, he was very good and I should think feels a lot cooler no that his fleece has gone. He looks a little flea bitten but should look better in a few weeks time.

Tass and Kye cant make out what has happened to Thornton. They are constantly going up to him and sniffing around him in amazement.