Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

June 18, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

The Bantams in their new house deciding if they have the courage to come out.

Thornton trying to encourage them.

Thornton wondering in amazement whats that.

The Geese were even more amazed.

The Bantams finally picked up the courage.

I either was to late in taking photographs or didn’t have the camera when we put the Bantams into their new home. The Dogs could not believe their eyes, but by the time I had gone in the Farm House for the camera something else had attracted them. Thornton could not keep his eyes off of the Bantams and sat by the Ark for well over an hour as if he was guarding the Bantams. I missed a great photograph of the Leghorn Chicken inspecting her close relatives and although I got a camera to get a photograph of the Geese being nosey they were walking away as I photographed them.

Thornton may have decided that he has had enough of being a full time Sheep as for the past two nights he has knocked on the door to come in. Once in he make sure that he is in for the night by going down a dead end passage and hiding himself. As he hears us going up for the night he show himself so that he can sleep in the kitchen with the Dogs. We haven’t allowed that until the past two nights just in case the Dogs decide that Thornton would make a good meal but they have all been alright with no noise. In the morning as we come down the stairs the three heads are waiting for us. Last night Thornton didn’t come in until well past after the door had been locked. We heard a knocking but have thought that the Dogs had knocked something. Did Thornton protest and bang to let us know he was waiting to come in.

Our Holiday guests have also started to have a morning visit from Thornton again. Since he has been hanging out all day and night with the Sheep he has only occasionally been visiting, but for the past two mornings he has been knocking at the cottage doors in the hope of a biscuit or two.