Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

July 12, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Last year I discovered to my delight a hole in my lawn where some bees had set up home underground Jordan, was in his glory. I tried to get some good shots but couldn’t manage it for love nor money. But I came across this one today whilst looking through my photos. Its pretty clear for me. Karen Stoke.

When we lived in Bath, just a short distance from our pub was The Cross Bath. Every year, a duck (called Gertrude, I think) would return to raise her brood – here are some pictures I took at the time. Incidentally, when they were planning to “update” the whole Roman Bath complex, there was a netting placed over the Cross Bath to prevent the ducks from getting in. This did not deter “Gertrude” who managed, with the help of the WWF, to raise one last brood before the reconstruction could take place.

Broad Bodied Chaser Dragonfly. Bob.

We have lost the first Gosling from on the Lake. Last night before I went to bed I went as I do every night to check to make sure that the Electric fencer was on and working. It was not on. On walking around the Lake I could only see five Geese. Being so dark I could not see what they were. I checked around a wide area for over an hour as there was a possibility that now that the Goslings are practicing flying the missing may have flown from the fenced area. On checking the electric fencing there was no sign that any predator had come through the fencing. A good indicator would be that the wire would be loose, none was. On my way back to the Farm House close to the Lake I heard a large splash from the stream that runs along the length of the stream, the Lake is fenced from the stream to stop any thing from getting to the Lake from the stream. I could see nothing in the stream when I searched with my torch.

My first job this morning even before feeding the Horses was to see what Geese were on the Lake. I found the Gander and five Goslings. Just after 9.30am I went to the Lake again and found out from one of our Holiday Guests who was fishing that the Goose had flown back onto the Lake at about half an hour before. I have checked around all the areas where a Fox or Otter may have taken its prey but have found no signs of the missing Gosling. I would have expected to have found some feathers.

I really don’t know what has happened to the Gosling. There are a number of scenario’s. one with the fencer not being on an Otter has got into the Lake area and escaped with the Gosling along the stream. A Fox may have jumped the wire and taken the Gosling. The Gosling may have flown over the wire and been taken by a predator or may even be lost.

If the Gosling has been taken by a predator I have myself to blame. I believe that I put the electric fence on when I last left the Lake. I rarely forget, but it is a possibility yesterday as I was back and forward showing those of our new holiday Guests who were here to fish how to turn the electric fencer on and off that I turned the switch the wrong way. I don’t believe that any of our guests went to the Lake after me as the rain was quite heavy.

My guess would be that an Otter got under the lower wire. An Otter would have touched the wire but as the fencer was off it would have taken no notice. Whilst taking the Gosling the Otter would have frightened the Goose who flew away. And of course I heard a heavy splash from something in the stream. There is a slim chance that the Gosling flew off and the Goose followed. It is just a guessing game. But for sure if it was me I wont do it again.

Our Goose with the stitches is doing well. She is having a little difficulty getting about in he pillow case, but it is stopping her from pecking at the injury.