Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

July 16, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Still very short of photographs.

Thanks for continuing to check the adds.

Taken on a walk by the Thames at Iffley, some-one had just feed the Geese. Clive

White Feral pigeon on my Lawn at home, looks like the grass needs cutting. Clive

Climbing Petunia “Tidal Wave” Clive

The reason I did not have a Great Tit in this box this year

I was going to put a few photographs on the Photo Page of the new Chickens that we got last night, but it has been raining all of this afternoon and we are wet through and I really don’t want to be outside getting wet for a photograph. We only got four. That was one Black and one White Silkie Pullet that are fourteen weeks old and one Black and one Gold Silkie Chick. We would have had a few more but that was all that the breeder had left. We did get nineteen hatching eggs that we are going to incubate and we will put them on the Hatching webcam when they are due to hatch. We use to have Chickens and Geese on the Farm some years ago but the Fox got the Chicken and when one of the Geese was taken we gave the others away. We wouldn’t like it to happen with these that we have now as they are a big favorite and very friendly with our Holiday Guest.

There were four Canada Geese on the Lake this morning. They flew on to the Pond quite early and stayed there for most of the day. This evening I noticed them on the webcam on the other side of the electric fence so I tried to encourage them back onto the Lake with bread. I wasted my time. One of the Gosling who had flown off had returned. All of the Geese are now on the Lake. All I hope is that they stay there as they have no protection against predators around the Pond area.

The new webcam that I mentioned yesterday is not any Wildlife, but be assured it will be very popular and a great one for the Autumn and Winter time. I will keep winding you up with progress reports