Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on…

July 28, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number eleven there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Keep checking the adds. It does help.

On a walk on the common this afternoon, plenty of insects buzzing about including –

Gatekeeper butterfly – aka Hedge Brown. Jill, Epping

Comma butterfly. Jill, Epping

Painted Lady butterfly. Jill, Epping

Bee on bramble flowers. Jill, Epping

Small cricket. Jill, Epping

Haven’t really got a lot to tell for today. I had hoped a few of you may have had a few different regional Chicken words. Although the Forum has been very quite.

I did send the new camera to Peter in Indian River Bay Delaware today, so that next year we can get a really good Osprey Nest webcam from the USA. I have sent a pan, tilt and 18x zoom camera. As the nest is lower than the top of Peters house and only at the most a 150 feet the camera will look right into every part of the nest. Peter tells me that there are a lot of other wildlife in the vicinity. Including the Bold and Brown Eagles. We hope to have the new camera working by September.

And just to tease. When I finish the Diary I will be putting together the camera for the new webcam that I am having to keep secret.

I have been trying to get the secret webcam going for a while and have sent a few emails to possible people in the location. I have now been contacted by another person about the secret webcam in a slightly different location. There is also in the location a White Tailed Eagle that does at times nest.