Starting from number one there are five new photographs on…

July 26, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number one there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Need more photographs and please keep watching the adds.

A late photograph of our Black Silkie a little bit wet as you can see by her spiky hair. We hope that the Owl doesn’t eat her. Taken by year 8 year old Sam (one of this week Holiday Guests)

After the discussion about puffins earlier this week I thought I’d send in a couple from Skomer this year. Jill.

Does anyone know the name of this” pretty “! rockery shrub? It has taken me a few years to realize it is responsible for a vile smell, I used to think something had died in the area! It attracts horrible big flies.Cant remember where I bought it.Rose W’canton

The Swallows nest was empty this morning. We haven’t seen any Magpies near the Barn where the nest is. I can only think that it is either a Rat or more than likely the Tawney Owl that had the Silkie a week back. It was the same barn that the Dove chicks were on the webcam and they have also been taken. As have the eggs from another Swallows nest that I had intended to show once the Swallow chicks had fledged.

We have never had a problem with Owls raiding nests before, but we have never had an Owl take a Chicken either, be it that the Silkie was a youngster and only half of the size of our Chickens. We have been leaving the Swallow webcam on most nights, it was on last night so it is possible someone may have been watching when the Swallow Chicks were taken.

I have been looking for another Swallows nest to put on the webcams, as of yet I cant find one. It is still not to late for the Swallows to nest again this year. I should think that the Swallows that have lost their brood will try again. I don’t know If they will use the same Barn. I should think one pair will.