Starting from number one there are five new photographs on…

July 29, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number one there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Satara Dam at Sunset Kruger National Park

Spotted Eagle Owl we spotted on a night drive several years ago, just sat in the tree staring at us. Claire – Devon

This is a picture taken at Millennium Park , Chicago Illinois , where they have a garden with native Illinois prairie plants, and the buildings on Michigan Avenue in the background. The pedestrian bridge that is visible goes from the Park to the new Modern Wing of the Art Institute. Penny, Chicago Chicago Chicago.

Cardinal in Edwards Gardens – Rosie’s Mum

Old graveyard in Edwards Gardens now fenced off. This is a private graveyard and family still visit the graves. The family gave the land to the city and is a very popular park. – Rosie’s Mum

A couple of you have asked about Thornton. Just recently he has been staying in off a night. I think it may well be something to do with the weather we have been having. He went out early this morning knocking on the Cottages doors in the hope that he will get treats. He normally does. Thornton knocking on the doors does at times give us a problem. This afternoon I went to tell one of our Holiday Guests what time they should go the the Badger hide. I needed to knock a few times. When the door was eventually open our Guest hadn’t open the door as they believed it was Thornton.

We have repaired the Horse Field fence trying to keep the Sheep out. The Sheep worked out how to get in to the Field. As clever as Thornton is, he hasn’t. That may also be a reason for him coming in the Farm House of a night. He was in early this afternoon, probably as it was raining very hard. He doesn’t need to knock on the Farm House Kitchen door as he reaches up the door handle and pushes the door open.

Nearly finished getting the secret camera ready to send to ???????. This webcam only needs to be a static camera with a very wide lens. The housing it needs to be in also has to be heated. I am hoping to sent it before the end of the week to the location.