Starting from number one there are five new photographs on…

August 1, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number one there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Thank you all those who have sent in donations, and those who are checking the adds. Today some clicks are giving us 66p

Mr Farmer, I promised Elsie these pictures of Devon as she said in the forum she’d probably never get there again and she loved the area.So I said I would try to bring some of Devon to her.

Boats in Dartmouth. Janice of Leeds

South Devon railway in action. Janice of Leeds

The boatyard at Greenway, from the river. Janice of Leeds

Another family like Denbury’s! Janice of Leeds

This sheep is on Dartmoor, despite miles of grass it decided to climb a wall and nibble the tufts growing between the stones! Janice of Leeds

As we were finishing off feeding the Horses last evening we heard the Geese honking as they flew towards the Farm, when they flew over the stables on the way to the Lake we could see that they were our Geese and Goslings. They didn’t stay long on the Lake. It may well have been that the Geese were concerned for the Goslings on seeing the Swans that they decided to fly off. Although the Swan didn’t cause them any threat. In fact I thought that the Geese may well have threatened the Cygnets, but they all kept their distance from each other. The Geese even went and investigated the Island, I thought that they may well be going to settle on the Lake for a while, but it wasn’t to be.

I went to the Lake to feed both the Cygnets and Geese some bread. The Gosling came quite close for the bread but the Geese stayed well back. The Gosling obviously hadn’t forgotten, but they all managed to get some of the bread. It is surprising just how much bigger the Swans are compared to the size of the Geese.

It looks as if only four of the Gosling have survived. As you know we found the carcass of one in the Stream only last week that the Otter must have killed. Where the other one has gone we will never know. There were only three Gosling on the Lake when the left just over two weeks ago. So they managed to find one of the missing two. It could be that the missing one has survived. Its better to believe it has.

Being late when they arrived I thought that the Geese may have stayed the night, but their honking as they flew away told that they had left. I was pleased to see them.