Starting from number one there are five new photographs on…

August 28, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number one there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Northern California , near San Jose/San Francisco:

Female sea lions on the boardwalk in Santa Cruz . They are not in a cage but in a fenced off area (for their own safety) on the boardwalk. They get into the fenced area by climbing up a ladder like ones found in swimming pools for people to get out of the pool. Penny

Little lizard on the beach at Big Sur. Penny

Another shot of the female sea lions. Penny

Sunset into the Pacific Ocean at Big Sur. Penny

Male sea lions, under the boardwalk at Santa Cruz. Penny

Yesterday the Butcher who we get our dog meat from gave us two large bags of beef trimmings that was a little bit off colour. Last night I decided to try putting some of it on the pole in the Valley in the hope that an Owl may have come and eaten it. It didn’t work for the Owl but a Buzzard did land on the Pole this morning and ate one piece. One of this weeks Holiday Guests managed to get a photograph. He has promised to send some of his photographs that he has taken on the Farm this week for the Photo Page, including the Buzzard on the Pole. You may have noticed that I have replaced an infra-red lamp bulb in the Valley. We may see a bit more Wildlife than we have recently, Although as we still haven’t managed to cut the grass for our hay in the Valley it is long and will stop us from seeing as much as maybe we would with the grass cut. If I get time tomorrow evening I will put meat on the Pole in the evening and do a close up on the webcam after the Badger have had a feed.

Some of you have asked about Thornton. Until last night he has been living in the Farm House for a good few weeks, only wanting to be a Sheep of a daytime. Last night he was on the drive with the rest of the Sheep and started to walk towards the Farm House as if coming in for the night. For some reason he changed his mind and turned back and stayed with the Sheep for the night. He would normally be waiting outside the kitchen door in the morning for his feed. He didn’t bother this morning. It wasn’t until this evening that we saw him, and that was because as we hadn’t seen him all day we went looking. When we found him we could see he had decided to stay out again tonight. It could well be that some of the Ewes are in season. Not that he is able to mate with them.

I had hoped that the new webcam would have been going by now. Not that you will be missing anything to much. There is still over three weeks to go before what will be able to be seen can be seen in the right conditions.