Starting from number one there are five new photographs on…

September 19, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number one there are five new photographs on the Photo Page from Judy. There is only one photograph left to put on the Photo page.

Some more Norfolk photos;

Three Views of Hunstanton Esplanade Gardens

Sandringham Estate Woodlands

Bircham Windmill From Judy.

The Sheep seemed to have settled themselves into the main Horse Field for the past few weeks. A good chance for Ewy to join them. But she hasn’t been near them, she only wants to be with the Horses. When we feed Willow and Gypsy in the Field Ewy eats with Gypsy out her bucket, but if any of the other Sheep try to eat with the Horses they get a sharp kick. They have learnt their lesson and keep well away. Watching the webcam whist I am writing tonights diary Ewy is grazing with the Horses. A little earlier on when Ewy realised that Willow and Gypsy had gone to the gate she ran rather quickly to join them. Most time when we let the Hoses back out in to the Field Ewy is waiting by the gate for Breeze.

Next week we will need to wean the Lambs off of the Ewes. They are still feeding from the Ewes when the really don’t need the milk. When we take the Lambs to Market we will look for a Ram. We want a Jacob Ram but when I use to go to Market it was not very often that we saw any. Jacobs are not a commercial Sheep although we had a number of Jacob Ewes some years back and we crossed them with a Texel Ram and the Lambs were top grade. As most of the six Ewes that we now have are Texel the Jacob cross should be good.