Starting from number one there are five new photographs on…

November 4, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number one there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

The photographs are being put on the Photo Page by someone else, so they may not be on the website when the Diary comes up.

There are only a couple of photographs for tomorrow night Photo page.

Some more fungi I found in the forest

Honey fungus growing on the base of a birch tree

Glistening inkcap (turns black if left when picked, and the ink that comes out of it used to be used for signing wills and important documents so it could never be forged)

Amanita muscaria is the latin name for the Fly Agaric
Boletus or Penny Bun – very tasty fried

Blushing bracket – similar to my last pic just smaller

Hope Jordan enjoys these pics too! Jill (Epping)

We have been working cutting logs from fallen trees at the end of the Valley this morning. Thornton decided that he was coming. Although he knows his way back to the Farm House from the Valley we would prefer not to have his company as he may wander off. As we set off on the quad bike he started to follow. He wasn’t very pleased to be chased back and you could tell by his actions and posture that he was determined that he was going to come with us. After three attempts of trying to make him stay in the Farm Yard we gave in because of the time it was taking.

As we set off Thornton walked by the side of the quad bike looking very pleased with himself. As we got into the Valley it was decided that we would speed the quad up and that with a bit of luck we would leave him behind and that he would make his way back home. No chance, the faster I went the faster he ran. I didn’t look at what speed we were doing until I was slowing down. Thornton was then doing 27 kilometers (17 MPH) an hour so he must have been doing well over 30 kilometers (18.3/4 MPH) at full speed and he would have done a good 100 metres at that speed. He was determined to keep up with the quad. He started to slow up and we slowed down in case he may have had a heart attack. When he had stopped he was steaming. How he managed the speed he was doing with such little legs I will never know.

Thornton stayed with us all of the time we were working, following and staying close until it was time to return, trotting by the side of the quad on the way home. We did speed up to 24 kilometers (15 1/2 MPH) on the way back and he was at a fast trot at that speed.