Starting from number one there are five new photographs on…

November 5, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number one there are five new photographs on the Photo Page. WE HOPED THEY WOULD HAVE GONE ON THE PHOTO PAGE LAST NIGHT.

The photographs are being put on the Photo Page by someone else, so they may not be on the website when the Diary comes up.

There are only a couple of photographs for tomorrow night Photo page.

Some more fungi I found in the forest

Honey fungus growing on the base of a birch tree

Glistening inkcap (turns black if left when picked, and the ink that comes out of it used to be used for signing wills and important documents so it could never be forged)

Amanita muscaria is the latin name for the Fly Agaric
Boletus or Penny Bun – very tasty fried

Blushing bracket – similar to my last pic just smaller

Hope Jordan enjoys these pics too! Jill (Epping

We had hoped to have made a start on the Squirrel obstacle course today. Unfortunately time ran out before we got round to it. Vicky’s boyfriend who is a joiner is coming to the Farm for a few days tomorrow. I don’t know if he knows but he has been delegated for the job by Vicky and her Mum.

Thornton really is something else. We can see our drive from the Farm House Kitchen. This morning we were watching the Sheep go from one field to the Horses Field, they were in no hurry and spent a few minutes standing in the drive, On seeing them Thornton went to socialise. Although he doesn’t usually mix with the Sheep he wasn’t pushed away and nearly followed the Sheep into the Field, who were going through an opening one by one. One of Dolly’s Lambs was waiting for Thornton to go through and when he decided he wasn’t the Lamb stayed with him. We thought that once all of the Sheep had gone the Lamb would quickly follow them not wanting to be left behind. Instead he stayed with Thornton who started to make his way back to the Farm House. After a few steps Thornton looked behind as if he was inviting the Lamb to follow, and he did following Thornton to the Farm House door. He wasn’t a bit frightened and even allowed a pat and ate a little of Thornton’s feed. My Lad and myself had to go back down the Valley. Thornton decided he and his friend would be coming with us. When we noticed that the pair were following us we managed to get them to return to the Farm Yard.

Last Saturday new Holiday Guests came to Denbury with a Dog that they took down the Valley for a walk. On their way back to their Cottage they pasted the Stables where we were working and told us Thornton had joined them for their walk. They could not believe the way that he had followed them, walking by their side and if he stopped he would go back to them when they called him.

Thornton is a character and is quite unbelievable what he gets up to. We would understand if you doubted his stories. I promise every word is true.