Starting from number one there are five new photographs on…

November 7, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number one there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Here are a few photos for the photo page. The ones from Minnesota are all from 1958 or 1959. I was looking at the old slides my brother put onto a DVD and was amazed at how these places have changed. My aunt still lives in the cottage but they redid it and added more bedrooms and a second floor over one side, but that is where some of the pictures of the lake and sunset I had put on the gallery earlier were from. The view from the drive at the farm was unchanged until this very last summer, when the farmer who owned the field across the road sold it to a developer who broke it into smaller 1 acre lots and put little ranch style beige houses on each one, except for the one closest to the county road. That parcel he got zoned commercial and sold to man who has a used vehicle lot on it now. The beautiful view now has used junk boats, cars, trucks of every size and shape, heavy equipment, farm implements, and metal sheds (weird but true) in it. And I guess that is progress.

The anemone is from my garden, and I just put it in. It is supposed to bloom in the fall, and it is just really pretty. Penny, Chicago x3

Cottage in Miltona.

Insperation Point, Minnesota.

Central, Minnesota.

View from Drive, Farm, Minnesota. 1952.

Anenome, September Charm.

Not a lot to write about so I will tell you a few other things that Thornton gets up to.

When Thornton want to come in he knocks on the Kitchen door three times with one of his front feet. If he is not let in he will sometimes open the door as does Tass by pulling the door handle down with his front foot. If that fails he does not nag, he will lay down outside and tries again later. Thornton will often knock on the Holiday Cottage doors to be let in.

Most late afternoons Tass, Kye and Thornton are taken for a walk, some of you may have seen them in the Valley. The most obedient is Thornton. He will walk to heel unless he fancies a nibble of grass, when he gets left behind a bit. One call and he returns to heel. On returning to the Farm House Tass and Kye get a doggy treat, Thornton get a Horse Herbal treat. He waits by Kitchen units where they are kept looking in the direction of the treats until he is given one. Just recently as soon as we start the Quad Bike @Thornton come to see if we are going down the Valley and now follows, waiting patiently until it is time for us to return. If we start the Quad Bike and go without him he will soon be following.

Unfortunately Thornton is not House Clean and will leave his droppings and wet on the floor, so we do not allow him in any rooms where there are carpets. Sheep dropping and wet do not have any unpleasant odours and are easy to clean up. He will how ever let you know when he wants to go out by standing by the door and looking at you.