Starting from number one there are five new photographs on…

November 22, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number one there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.


Going by the way that Padfoot is acting his Rutting season has ended. There is only one of Pennywell Farms Females that has time to return and that is on Monday. None of the other have been seen to return so with a bit of luck we may have Reindeer Calves next year.

The Pennywell Reindeer are due to go back home next Friday. We do hope that they are also in Calf/

We had the Reindeer Harness that we ordered from Sweden delivered on Friday. The neck collar does look as if it may be uncomfortable, but it is the traditional harness that is used both in Sweden and Finland. If I remember I will put a photograph of it on the Photo Page.

Elsie emailed me this morning to let me know that she had seen the same type of bread that I wrote about last night. Elsie saw it at 28p.
I cant let this go and I spoke to our Local Tesco Store Manager about it. He thought that the prices were the same nationwide. Elsie thinks differently as she has noticed the difference in prices from the north and south when she has been on Holiday. There can never be a justification for large price variation. Pensioners, low paid and those on benefits all experience hardship where ever they live.

I have one to beat the 33.33% increase in the value bread. We put peanut butter on on loaf and Tesco value marmalade on the other. Just under two weeks ago the marmalade cost 28p today it cost me 49p over a 100% increase. That is an absolute disgrace and shows the Tesco are directing the increases on those that are already buying the cheapest products and do not have a choice.

I have on purchased two value items from Tesco, both to feed the Badgers so the is a very good chance that more of their value products have had exorbitant price increases hitting the pockets of those people who should be helped.