Starting from number one there are five new photographs on…

November 28, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number one there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

There are only a couple of more days of photographs left.


This is what remains of the village of Hallsands Devon, the rest fell into the sea.

Pennywell Farms two Female Reindeer went home yesterday. I have got to admit that I was pleased to see them go for they have been hard work. Both wanted to be the boss from when they first arrived. That wasn’t such an issue until feeding time when they would eat all the feed between them leaving our Females not getting any food, I finished up standing with the Reindeer for about twenty minutes at both the morning and evening feeds to make sure that all of the Reindeer had their fair share. If you noticed the darker Pennywell Female on the webcams she was a bully and for ever chasing any females that got to close to her. I should think that she went back ti Pennywell a bit lighter than when she arrive.

What a performance it was trying to catch them yesterday to load them into the vehicle for their return journey. One we managed to catch within a very short time with just three people. The other one, the dark one again was a pig. It was just as well that I don’t own a gun or she would have finished up as venison on a plate. We chased around for that animal for well over an hour. From one end of the Reindeer paddock to the other would be getting on for a couple of hundred metres. Believe you me it felt like it after running up and down it a few times. It didn’t help as our Lads were on a job elsewhere. Even when one arrived back it didn’t help a lot. He manages to slip over when making a dive at it. Our other Lad with a Friend arrived and helped. We got a little nearer to catching it with six of us and the Reindeer a little out of breath as we were, but no way was we going to catch he. In the end we needed to get a long length of sheep netting stretching most of the way across the width of the field, walking towards her to make any exit small. We lost her once when she ran between a small gap. On the next attempt we cornered her with the net and were able to grab hold of her. It wont be worth the trouble if she is not in Calf.