Starting from number one there are five new photographs on…

December 29, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number one there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

We still have lots of photographs left to go on the Photo Page from the middle of the month, None have been forgotten.

The evening light ,St Mawes,Cornwall.Lindsay.

Atlantic Grey Seals laid out on the island of Yell in the Shetland Islands.Lindsay.

A good surfing sea at Woolacombe,North Devon.Lindsay.

St Mawes,Cornwall.Lindsay.

My Favorite Canada geese. Karen Stoke.

Little Grebe visit our Lake every year but only in the Winter and early Spring. Don’t know why but we rarely see them in the Summer months. I have never seen them land or take off from the Lake, they are just there or not. It could be that the small Fish that they dive for are easier to catch in the Winter in our Lake than from where they came from.

These past few weeks have been the longest cold period that I can remember since we have lived at Denbury. It has been a lot colder, so cold one year that the Lake froze over. We also had a lot of snow that year. The snow started to thaw, just as it turned to water it froze over again making our driveway a sheet of ice. On a small incline even our Land Rover that we had at the time struggled. I believe that the only way that I managed to get out was to reverse up the incline.

I don’t really mind the cold as long as it is not wet with it. Working on the farm in the cold and wet is miserable and the animals don’t like it either. Prolonged cold spells I have been told helps to get rid of Rats and there are a few big ones around the Badgers Sett. I really need to put poison around the Sett area, but after seeing a Tawny Owl take a Rat few weeks back I cant as we are liable to kill an Owl if it eats a poisoned Rat.