Starting from number one there are five new photographs on…

February 1, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number one there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.


Tonight and yesterdays photo page is only able to happen because of Lynne and Penny. There are very few left.

As those who have visited Denbury know our Sheep to the annoyance of our Neighbours tend to be free range. We lost some weeks back two Lambs that we believe have been rustled, and they still haven’t been found. Mind you for getting on for a week or more we have not seen the rest of the Sheep. We normally see them in the Woods most days so I was concerned that they may have been stolen. This morning I had a drive around the Lanes in the hope that I may see them in the fields on the opposite of the left hand Woods. They were nowhere to be seen although there were plenty of their droppings in one of the Fields.

When I went to feed the Reindeer this evening, one Reindeer, as two of them decided to go walk abouts this morning and were on the Lane on the other side of our drive gates. When we went to try to get them back on the Farm they decided to run in the direction that we would not want them to go. At the end of the Lane there are two many directions for them to go and an open common that would have been nearly impossible to catch them if they reached it. They did, and whoopee that went going into a trot. It seemed that it was going to be an absolute disaster. I could see that they were going to get out of sight and finish up making their way to the main road and getting run over. If not that finish up on the Quantock Hill.

I called out to them in the hope that one of the two Reindeer who was friendly would come to me. Both of the Reindeer stopped on hearing my call and the friendly one came towards me. If she came close to me I would grab hold of her. She wasen’t that stupid, just as was nearly in grabbing distance the other one started to run again. I had lost my chance but I had managed to get in front of them. It made them turn into the wrong direction but a car made them turn again running in the direction of the Lane, with luck they turned down the Lane. At the entrance to the Farm and our neighbours they chose our neighbours entrance, with their gate closed the Reindeer were secure.

Back to feeding the remaining Reindeer. On the way to feed it I heard Thornton calling out in distress. He was caught up in some bramble. I soon released him and on continuing to the Reindeer Field I noticed the Sheep in the Horse Field looking in the direction of Thornton. Thornton’s distress calls had been heard by the Sheep and they were making their was to the calls. At least I knew they were about.

On my way back from feeding the Badgers one of the missing Reindeer was in the Horse Field. With a bit of coaxing with a bucket of feed we got it back to the Reindeer Field and the other missing Reindeer was waiting for it.