Starting from number one there are five new photographs on…

February 13, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number one there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Mute swan taken on Erewash Canal. Vicky.

Mute swan also on the Erewash Canal. Vicky.

Imagine my surprise when this landed between the sunbeds in Cyprus. Used to come every afternoon and wasn’t at all bothered about the people leaping up from their sunbathing as though an alien had landed! Janet South Yorks.

Another one. Janet South Yorks.

And another. Janet South Yorks.

It was a lot milder at Denbury today. There wasn’t any sun but it was probably the warmest day of the year. The milder weather seemed to bring the Lake alive. The Geese were on the Lake first thing this morning. They stayed the whole day, leaving just before I went to feed the Badger, but not before both the Goose and the Gander had spent a good while on the Island. Surely they are going to nest. If they don’t return in the morning I will take the boat to the Island and strim so that the ramp and the nesting place can be seen on the webcam.

On the Pond next to the Lake the little Grebe had returned and were diving for Fish and a couple of Mallard Ducklings had hatched, the may have been more Ducklings in the Reeds. I did try to put both the Little Grebe and the Mallards on the webcam but I did not catch them on it. On returning a Kingfisher darted in front of me, it was then that I saw the shadow of a few Carp that the milder weather had brought to the surface. When I got back to the Farm House I found the Carp on the webcam. None were Pike I am pleased to saw. There were some big Fish, one I estimated must have been getting on for 20lb. I was a little worried after seeing the Otter in the Valley in the Autumn that it may have taken some Fish, before I had electrified around the Lake. If the Otter had had any of the Fish it would have left the scales, but I did not find any. Touch wood I was lucky.