Starting from number one there are five new photographs on…

February 17, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number one there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

The little giraffe calf was born on the 1st December last year to Quiver, at Blackpool Zoo. We took our grandson for a pre Christmas treat on 18th December so it was just 18 days old. Also a picture of our favourite little pet Lewis who was then three and a half. Pam.

Our Garden yesterday(5-02-09) Rose W’canton.

Somerset and Dorset Air Ambulance landing just the other side of our garden wall today. Rose W’canton.

I had part of the email below from Chris at Pennywell Farm who sent his two Female Reindeer to be covered by Padfoot in the Autumn.

First the very sad news, my lovely one eyed reindeer was found dead this morning which is really bad news as I was very fond of her. I will be getting an autopsy to see what caused the premature death.

The follow up email arrive as I was writing tonight Diary.

Just had the autopsy. Very sad as it was in calf. We saw the embryo calf,
perfectly formed. It died of a twisted gut which surprised me as it hasn’t
been out doing much rolling or running around. Interestingly we saw the gut
twisted and also all the inflammation that caused , nasty!

The news is a terrible shame, but it has shown that Padfoot was fertile before he died, and that there is a good chance that our Reindeer Females are in Calf. Chris has asked us to find him two more Females for Pennywell Farm.

Twisted guts are not easy to diagnose. It causes animals a lot of pain. They are not able to eat or pass droppings. Operating on animals with a twisted gut is very unlikely to be successful. My only knowledge of it is with Horses. All that I have know to have it have died.

The Badgers mating was only the second time that I have seen it. It is also a good sign that there are Cubs in the Sett.