Starting from number one there are five new photographs on…

February 27, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number one there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Nearly out of photographs

Elaine will probably tell you she found a pal on her way to see me tonight when she left work if you could have seen us, talk about a pair of girls. Neither of us like frogs and she ended up going home out the front door. While I chased it down into the back garden. Sue.

Snowdrops Tetatet mini daffs cyclamen around a tree all taken at Hodsock. Sue.

The Odd Couple.Taken 26/2/09 SWT. What a pair of diners!! Janice (Leeds)

Penny reckons Sheep are not the smartest animals in the field. You haven’t met Thornton. I kept over a hundred Sheep some year ago. Being part of a flock they didn’t need to be smart. If one runs you all run was their way of thinking. They really didn’t need to think that much for all they have to do is eat, sleep and produce. Thornton does, and he hasn’t had any other Sheep to teach him. Being that he is not even a year old he has learnt remarkably well. He has learnt some of what he knows from Tass and Kye. He opens door, tells you when he it is feeding time, knocks on doors to let people know he wants to come in. On walks with the Dogs he will come to heel when called and will walk to heel. He has needed and want to learn. All animals will if they need to.

The last time that we saw the Little Egret was last Monday. I don’t know if it because the Geese have now settled on the Lake or that it has found a better food source. Although it did eat a few of the small Fish he was also feeding on what ever it could find in the boggy area as well. We had one visit the Farm some years back, but that was a one only appearance. Other than those I have never seen a little Egret until a couple of days ago when I was driving on the M5 and one was in a Field very close to the Road.

An article sent in by Elsie from the Northern Echo.

Police seize horses after owners ignore warnings

By Rachel Wearmouth