Starting from number one there are five new photographs on…

March 21, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number one there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

This blackbird was also taken at Pennington flash . We have noticed that it had a ring on its leg Maureen and Ian( Lancashire )

A Robin taken at pennington flash over the New year. Maureen and Ian( Lancashire )

Just a few of joeys eggs he/she has now laid over 25 she can lay every other day then have a little rest she does not have a mate and its driving the mother-in-law mad as she rips up the sand sheet at the bottom of the cage chucking it and the seed every were. Maureen and Ian( Lancashire )

He/she has now started to lay eggs here A duck egg Hen egg quail egg and the budgie egg. Maureen and Ian( Lancashire )

Meet Joey my mother-in-laws budgie aged 5 years old Maureen from Lancashire (angela from Kents sister) He is now a she. Maureen and Ian( Lancashire )

Hi All

At 7.30 am this morning the female osprey arrived back at Loch of the Lowes. She is looking in really good shape for a bird that has just flown 3000 miles from west Africa. This year is the 40th anniversary of the reserve and the return of the osprey to Perthshire. What better way to celebrate this milestone than with our female who has been breeding at Loch of the Lowes since 1991. Hopefully within the next week we will see her partner return from Africa .

We are all very excited as we all had our reservation about her return. She is now well into her twenties, a good age for an osprey. Lets hope she goes on to produce healthy chicks this season. Peter Lock of the Lowe’s.

Not only has the Locks Osprey returned. When I spoke to Peter At Indian River Bay, Delaware one of his Osprey returned yesterday. Peter is reopositioning his camera today. Hopefully that will be up and running, maybe even today.

We have found the missing Female Reindeer that was frightened by the Helicopter. She is in the Woods behind the Reindeer Field not looking to happy. We have tried to coax her back into the Field but she is not ready yet. We are sure that she will go back in her own time. We would have trouble trying to catch her. If we were unsuccessful chances are that she will go further away. As with the one that returned shortly after the incident she is also scouring. Not good when they are only a month or so from Calving. Too much stress could easily cause them to abort.