Starting from number one there are five new photographs on…

March 23, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number one there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Thorntons Birthday Photographs by Vicky.

Thornton is one year old tomorrow. For those of you who do not know how Thornton became a Pet. Thornton was one of twins who had some how had managed to fall out of the Sheep pen we had made for the Sheep whilst they were giving birth. When we went to the Barn to give the Horses and Sheep their morning feed we found one of the Sheep had given birth in the night. She had one Lamb. After having a cup of coffee we went back out again to the Barn to muck out. It was then that we heard one weak lamb bleat coming from under the big round hay bales. It was only one bleat so it was a bit like looking for a needle in a hay stack, but eventually laying flat out one the ground the Lamb was pulled out from under the bales, wet, cold and looking that he would not survive. After drying and warming the Lamb up we put him on to the Ewes Teat in the hope that it was not to late for it to get the life giving colostrum. The Ewe would not accept the Lamb taking the colostrum and tried as hard as she could to push it away, but we did manage to get some into the Lamb. We penned the Ewe and her two Lambs in a separate area in the hope that she would accept the Lamb, but every time we went to see them the Ewe was butting the Lamb away, until eventually we had not alternative but to take the Lamb in to the Farm House to feed it and try top keep it alive.

It was Easter Monday. On the kitchen top was a box of Thornton Chocolates. Hence Thornton was named. Tass and Kye were not best pleased. Nature tells them that Thornton was food and it took a while for them to get use to him. I should think that it was not to much longer than a week that Thornton was going for walks with Tass and Kye, although they would much rather had of eaten him than had him for company. Eventually the Dogs got use to Thornton. Tass at times even being motherly towards him. Now all three get on quite well. Going for walks and runs along side the Quad Bike. Although Thornton lives in the Farm house we do part him from the Dogs at night we we go to bed, just in case. Although he does at times playfully butts both Tass and Kye with his head.

As far as Thornton is concerned he is a Dog dressed in Sheep drag. He will always live in the Farm House as he has become a pet as have our dogs. Every one who meets Thornton likes him, and he likes all of them. He is as much of Denbury as any other animal or person, and we would never want to part with him.

Peter from the Lock sent the Osprey information below.


Why do ospreys only live here for half the year? And where are they for the other half?
In Britain ospreys are migratory, which means that they travel to another part of the world as part of their life cycle. They spend their winters on the west coast of Africa, in Gambia and Senegal. They come to Scotland, and now to parts of England too, to breed.

So are all ospreys like this?
No. In Australia and parts of America ospreys do not migrate.

Why do ospreys bother coming here in the summer?
This is where ospreys are from. They are born here and they breed here. If it weren