Starting from number one there are five new photographs on…

March 26, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number one there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Only one more days photographs left.

Newt seen at Coleton Fishacre Garden (National Trust), Devon. On a lovely sunny March day. Janice of Leeds.

Waterfall at Coleton Fishacre Garden,Devon. March 2009. Janice of Leeds.

I took this trying to catch a Squirrel its any ones guess where it is as I had the dogs leads on my foot how they didn’t drag me I will never know cause Fred spotted one on the ground a little way away and tried to get to it. Karen Stoke.

This is the same shot I took and sent in of the daffs up the stables on one of the lanes I said I would take one when they opened up more. Karen Stoke.

These crocus are from my next door neighbours Arthur, Karen Stoke.

It looks as if the Goose are getting her nest ready to start laying her eggs. For the past few days she has spent a little time on the Island. Today she was on the Island for a good few hours placing nest material in one place. If she lays where the nest has been made we will have a very good view of her sitting her eggs.

Our free range Sheep have decided to come back to Denbury. For a time I thought that I would not see them again after the last two went missing. The ten are back with all of the Ewes looking very pregnant. Even Ewy is in Lamb. Vicky and Diane went into the Horses Field where they are with a bag with a little feed in it. Most Sheep that I have had will come to a rattling bag and all came to get the food from them. They tell me a few of them have very big udders so they cant be far from Lambing. If I can find the time tomorrow I will get them into the Barn to Lamb.

David has made and fitted a rope ladder for the Squirrel obstacle course. Unfortunately the Squirrels that I have seen going to the nuts have learnt how to jump from the pole with the feeder on, onto the feeder without doing the course. Must try to sort that one out.