Starting from number one there are five new photographs on…

May 19, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number one there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Garden birds feeding on dried meal worms. Clive.

We went to Cricket St Thomas this afternoon to see the new Ostrich that we purchased for them. It was collected last week but it hasn’t settled in to well. When it was collected it should have been a very large Red Breed as the photograph that I put on the Photo Page, but the person who collected it decided for a number of reasons to take a Black type Ostrich.

On the first night at the Wildlife Park the new Ostrich was put into a holding area so that he could get use to the new surroundings. Somehow he got out and managed to get stuck in a muddy part of the Lake. After rescuing him he was put in a different holding area but was not at all happy. A Female Ostrich was introduced to him. That seems to have quietened him down a bit and it is hoped that he can be introduced into the main paddock Wildlife paddock shortly.

In all of the time that I kept Ostrich I never experienced any problems that the Wildlife Park have. The Ostrich was kept in an Ostrich Farm before I got him and may never had seen or been in the type of environment as the Wildlife Park,
the large area and other animals that again he may never have seen before properly stressed him out.

Whilst at the Wildlife Park we looked at the Black Swans Cygnets that we are having. They hatched in the Winter and should be ready to come to Denbury in a couple of weeks time. We have a bit of a problem of where we are going to put them. The best place would be on the Lake, but the Geese would have something to say about that wouldn’t have them intruding, especially whilst they have the Goslings. There would be a lot of scrapping with the Black Swan Cygnets coming off worse. Until the Geese leave at the end of the Summer we will need to find somewhere else for the Swans to go. If I can find the time I will fence the Pond, or there is a small lagoon close to the Cottages that if we get time to clear the weeks will do temporarily.

There are also some Joey Wallaby’s that have now left their Mother Pouch that we may also get very soon.