Starting from number one there are five new photographs on…

September 10, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number one there are five new photographs on the Photo Page sent in by Judy.

Hi Mr Farmer, here are some views taken whilst I was on holiday in Norfolk. I hope you will be able to include them on the gallery.

The Old Lighthouse. Hunstanton. Norfolk. Taken from the arch of the chapel of St Edmund ruins.

The famous striped cliffs at Hunstanton. White chalk upper, Limestone, or Red Chalk middle layer and then a layer of grey/green Carstone. Many fossils have been found.

Castle Rising. 12th century Castle with keep built around 1140AD. The most famous piece in its history was when it came to the Mother of Edward III , Queen Isabella ,following her part in the murder of her husband , Edward II. It is said to be haunted by a she wolf with hair as white as snow and dripping fangs!!

The Church of St Lawrence, Castle Rising village.

Sunset at Heacham Beach. from Judy.

All of the Reindeer are now in the field we have prepared for them. Last evening we decided to take the four Females (Cows) to the field as we wanted to collect Padfoot the Male from Cricket St Thomas early this morning, before the Zoo opened to the public. We had decided before we loaded the Females that we would have a few problems and a bit of a run around to get them into the Horse trailer to take them from the Stables to the Field. In fact we could not believe how easy it was. We had prepared ourselves with gates to confine then in a small area just by the entrance of the trailer. We let two out of the stable and they walked straight into the trailer, we opened the other stable expecting the first two to come out of the trailer, they didn’t and the second two also walked straight in. On getting them to their Field, no sooner had we opened the trailer doors they ambled out took a few paces into the Field and put their heads down to munch at the grass.

We got up very early this morning so that we could get the Horses into feed them before we set out to Cricket St Thomas. The Zoo is only forty minute away from Denbury, so an easy journey for Padfoot the Male (Bull)back to Denbury. Again he was easy to get into the Horse Trailer. The Zoos two females were watching Padfoot leave. It made us wonder if they will miss Padfoot. Mind you we have the same problem when any of our Horses leave the Farm when sold.

We didn’t know what to expect when we let Padfoot out of the Trailer when we arrived back at Denbury. At first he was in no hurry to leave the trailer. He seem a little bewildered, that was until he saw the Females who had come out of one of the two shelters that are in the field. Head up and away he went for all of ten paces, until he realised that he was in a field of grass. Padfoot didn’t even bother to acknowledge his harem. Even when the Females were next to him they were ignored while he munched on the grass. Thankfully moving the Reindeer and introducing them to each other was a lot different than what we had imagined. It was a bit of an anticlimax. We have been looking in on them all day. They have settled in well and are together as a group, even when in the shelters they are all together. Padfoot come over to the the rails when we call out to him as Paddy bringing the Females with him. He is not in his Rutting mood yet, but going by what we have been told by both the Zoo and the suppliers of the Females he will soon change.

We are using the main Badger camera to look into the Reindeer untill we get the time to install a camera into the Reindeer Field.