Starting from number one there are five new photographs on…

June 24, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number one there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Here are some pics from Dungeness –

Swans with cygnets. Jill (Epping)

Sunset over Lydd. Jill (Epping)

Nesting Cormorants with Dungeness Old lighthouse in background. Jill (Epping)

Hebridean black sheep with ram. Jill (Epping)

close up of the ram. Jill (Epping)

The Wallaby Joeys were returned to Cricket St Thomas this morning. I was wrong to bring them to Denbury as they were not going to be suitable for what we had hoped from them.

I had attempted for nearly three weeks to contact a Wallaby Breeder to get advise on the keeping of them, but had never got an answer. Even up to minutes before we left to collect the Wallaby’s I tried to phone again. After I had finished last night Diary we went to feed them. Worried that on seeing light they would make an attempt to escape we opened the trailer door very slowly. Believe me that was a good move, for no sooner that we had opened the door the two Joeys tried to barge their way out. One managed to get most of the way out. It was so quick I really don’t know how we managed to get it back into the trailer. It wasn’t us being cleaver, just pure luck. We did get the feed into the trailer but one of the Wallaby’s was bouncing all around the trailer looking for an exit. There was not way that it was going to hurt itself physically, but it was stressing its self out.

I tried phoning the Wallaby Breeder again and was fortunate to get an answer. I explained the situation and the reasons for having the Wallaby’s . They were obviously not suitable for us to keep at Denbury, and we would never be able to train them or to be able to let them eventually to be free range. The Breeder had experienced the bouncing around the trailer and around holding shelters. The Wallaby’s would have needed to be kept in a six foot high compound. Even that may not have stopped them from jumping over. The Breeder believes that he is responsible for some Wallaby’s running wild in his area.

We had done quite a lot of reading up on Wallaby’s before we decided that we would try to keep them. A lot of the reading told us that they make extremely good pets and are easy to train, what they failed to tell us is that the Joeys need to be taken from the Mothers pouch and bottle fed, then they would be trainable and friendly as they will be looking to the human as their parent. We would never contemplate that. In Australia Joeys are found on their own after their Mothers are killed by being run over or by fires or many other reasons. Some of these are kept as pets.