Starting from number one there are five new photographs on…

July 21, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number one there are five new photographs on the Photo Page.

Freshwater East is so different from Freshwater West. Much more sheltered and much safer for children to swim. Jacqui

Freshwater West, South Wales . My boys enjoyed their swim. Jacqui

We have large Fish in the Lakes at Denbury. Last year a Carp was caught weighing 22lb in the Lake and a larger fish was seen in the Pond. We didn’t put any Fish in the Pond, the fry over the years have got in there through the overflow pipe from the Lake that keeps the Pond full. There are now a lot of large Fish in the Pond. Two days ago one of our fishing Holiday Guest saw a lot of large Fish just under the surface of the water.

Over the past two weeks three of those fishing the Lake have told me that they have had their fishing lines broken by something very big. One of them who had the Kingfisher land on his rod was broken a few times, and he was using a 15lb fishing line, so what ever it is is very large and strong.

Another of our guests caught a very large Fish last week. I was there when he hooked it. The Fish was so strong that he needed to hand his rod to another guest as his arm were aching. He had trouble getting to land it and the Fish managed to get into the reeds. It was decided to use the boat to get the Fish in the landing net. Just as he got to where the Fish was in the reeds it got off of the hook. We think that it was the same Fish, or what ever it is that is breaking the lines. One of this weeks guests without me mentioning it also had his line broken. He is going to fish on an 18lb line.

We need to know what is breaking the fishing lines in case it is a predator. Two predator breeds of Fish that could cause the problem are a pike or a Catfish. Both we would not want in the Lake for they can grow very large and will eat a lot of our Fish. We have never put any Pike or Carp into the Lakes, although it is possible that some person with the same problem did. It could also be a large Eel. Quite a few Eels have been caught in the Lake. Some years ago when I cleared the sediment from a small pond in the Farm Yard we found some very large Eels. I wont be concerned if it is an Eel that is breaking the lines as they do a good cleaning job.

I don’t ever allow the use of keep nets for those fishing at Denbury, but I have put one close to the Lake so that if what ever it is causing the problem is caught we can move it away if it is a predator, Although it may well be a very large Carp.