Starting from number one there are four new photographs on…

April 29, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Starting from number one there are four new photographs on the Photo Page.

If we had not received Tom and Roses photographs there would not have been any for tonight. There are none for tomorrow.

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My daughters recent visit to Zambia, these are from Victoria Falls area. Tom and Rose.

We had two female kune kune piglets to look at today. They were quite close to the Farm and on the way to Cricket St Thomas. I needed to go to the Wildlife Park as Hannibal the Ostrich that we have given them a eight years ago had died after being kicked by a Zebra. I have managed to find a replacement for Hannibal and went to discuss it with them.

Like most Zoos and Wildlife Parks there is very little buying and selling of Animals. They tend to exchange or give. I have always done the same and I knew that I would finish up doing it this time.

Hannibal was a Blue type Ostrich, standing an imposing nearly 9 foot tall. He was one of my favorites and I was pleased that we found the Wildlife Park as his home. He was about fifteen years old, having a good fifty years of his life left if it had not been for the accident. I thought that finding a replacement would be difficult but within a couple of phone calls I managed to find a breeder in Essex who was selling all of his Birds. The breeders main type of Ostrich is Black, the smallest type of Ostrich, but he did have one Red Type Ostrich that are the largest of the breed. As long as it is OK that is what Cricket will be having. I am waiting for a photograph to be sent. When I get it I will show you it on the Photo Page. We are getting a pair of Wallaby’s in exchange. Not sure what they will be yet. Could be a couple of Joeys when they are ready to leave the pouch. If I can twist an arm it maybe a Male and Female and a joey in the pouch. As soon as I know you will be the first to know.

The visit to the Wildlife Park turned out to be very good. We have been given three Black Swans. This time they wont fly away. And we have been promised a few Rhea Eggs if they start laying.

On the way back from the Wildlife Park we went to see the Kune Kune Piglets. I must admit part of the visit was to see if the Pig that we went to get last Sunday was a good example of the size. The breed is described as small, but the adult we went to buy was not far short of the size of a domestic Pig. The Mother of the Piglets we saw today was in fact even a little bigger. After seeing them it didn’t take me long to decide that we were not going to be the owner of any Kune Kune. The idea as they are a very friendly breed of Pig, would have been for them to be free range. Unfortunately although they graze we have seen signs that like all Pigs, and these are no different, they root. Rooting free range Pigs and lawns don’t mix. I also believe that younger Children would find them with their looks and size a little menacing.

The Hatching webcam page can now be accessed from the Home Page. The Hatcher was delivered today. Our first eggs to hatch will be going in next week.